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Hi! I'm Pipps! I grew up on a steady diet of thriller novels, horror movies, and a love of tiny things. I learned molding, sculpting, soldering, and other technical skills from my engineer father and perfectionism to the point of madness from my loving mother. I started doing taxidermy and oddity crafting for fun and the response was overwhelming! So much so, that I decided to start making my odd little friends for people around the US. An animal lover since birth, I treat each tiny friend with reverence and love. I prefer to keep busy, so I don't really have much "down time", but when I do, I like to spend it messing around with my 2 rescue dogs, Jessi and Bowie, my cat, Caddy, & my dear husband-elect.

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Oddities, Animals, and a Healthy Dose of Fear

Oddities, Animals, and a Healthy Dose of Fear You can call me Pipps. An intense love for animals, a crippling fear of death,¬†and an irrepressible¬†interest in oddities brought me to Taxadoreme. Like many of us, I didn’t grow up in the Addams Family, but my loving parents were nothing if not open-minded. They encouraged...